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What Is Text Neck?


Your cell phone vibrates in your pocket while you’re walking to the car. Your vehicle is only a few feet away but waiting seems impossible. You eagerly retrieve the phone and smile as you look down at the message previewed on the screen. You quickly begin typing up a witty response and without realizing it, you’ve just started falling victim to text neck.

When people stare at their mobile devices or tablets, the body is often contorted in a dangerous way. These devices are rarely brought up to the face instead, people take a cruel stance: they hunch over and extend their necks almost beyond capacity. It’s no surprise then that this action promotes poor posture and an abnormal curvature of the cervical spine over time; it causes pain in the back, neck and shoulder regions and can result in other ailments such as pinched nerves, nagging headaches and herniated disks.

That’s because the human head weighs approximately 12 pounds. To put it into perspective, the average weight of a bowling ball used in competitions ranges between 13-15 pounds. Therefore, in comparison, the human head is not very different. To make matters worse, when the neck is arched further forward and downward a lot more stress is applied to the spine. In fact, experts warn that for every inch the head slants forward, the pressure on the spine becomes twofold. At a certain degree of flexion, that pressure can reach 60 pounds (or about 4 bowling balls).

Unfortunately, this electronics-driven condition can give rise to problems that necessitate medical care and in some cases, surgery. However, it doesn’t usually have to involve such extreme measures. Physical therapy is a natural and comprehensive solution. It is instrumental in relieving discomfort, treating complaints and preventing further occurrences.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center has a well-rounded team of chiropractors, licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and many others who are qualified and ready to help alleviate the pain of text neck and stop its perilous progression so you can happily and healthily enjoy technology for years to come. Call 866-GOLDSON and appointment to see us today!

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