Taste The Islands (Season II)

About Taste The Islands (Season II)

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Taste The Islands Crew

Goldson Spine Community Partner’s welcomes back Taste The Islands (Season II). On Saturday, May 27th, on WAVS 1170 AM radio, at 12:15 PM, the Taste The Islands crew will be on board to let you know all the things you will miss if you don’t tune in to get your COOK on.

Fans can now take a deep breath, set their DVRs, schedule those weekly viewing parties and ready their aprons, because the long-awaited premiere of Taste the Islands (Season II) airs Sunday, June 11th on Create®TV, with staggered releases around the country on independent public television stations starting July 1st.

“Taste the Islands” is a half-hour cooking series featuring Caribbean-themed recipes and travel segments. The cast and crew have been cooking up another batch of tasty treats for those gastronomes who fell in love with the show’s first season. Jamaican Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair, breakout star of season one, welcomes a new show host in “Lisa Lee” Arneaud, and rolls out the red carpet for fellow culinarian Cynthia “Chef Thia” Verna from Haiti. The family friendly program presents an opportunity for viewers to learn about the fascinating food and culture of the Caribbean. Funding for “Taste the Islands” season two is provided by Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Grace Foods and Lakay Food.

“Taste the Islands” season two premieres nationwide on Create TV June 11, and on South Florida PBS (Ch. 2) on July 1 at 3:30PM. Visit www.createtv.com or your public TV station’s website for local listings.

The Taste the Islands Experience

Show creators Blondie Ras Productions, with the co-sponsorship of City of Miramar Mayor, Wayne Messam, are translating the show’s exploration of exotic eats and the mystique of the islands into an event called The ‘Taste the Islands’ Experience. Scheduled for the evening of June 1 at the Miramar Cultural Center, the event will feature a selection of gourmet appetizers prepared by the show’s celebrity chefs Jamaican Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair and Haitian Cynthia “Chef Thia” Verna. There will also be a selection of tropical cocktails, music and dancing in a setting that recalls the touch, taste and feel of the islands. Complete details are available at www.ttiexperience.com.

The evening will include a preview of the new season of ‘Taste the Islands’ and live cooking demonstrations. Non-profit partner Food for the Poor will benefit from a silent auction, with funds raised earmarked for causes in Jamaica and Haiti.

Website www.tastetheislandstv.com