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Executive Member

This Saturday Pamela Sophia Allen-Hendricks of executive member of People Profile Inc. will join our Community Partner’s segment on WAVS 1170 AM radio at 12:20 PM. Ms. Allen-Hendricks will introduce us to People Profile and share just how you can get involved.

Human beings are social creatures and in the course of our interactions we transmit information that provides lessons to each other. These lessons are drawn from our experiences and the sum of those experiences are our life stories. People Profile was developed by its founder Dr. Allan Cunningham back I June 2015 as a vehicle through which people are able to share, educate, and motivate others using their own personal life stories.
People Profile, to this end will seek to amplify the accomplishments of individuals, groups, entities and the impact that the aforementioned has on others, the community, and the world.
People Profile is a charitable organization and is not for self-promotion. No membership is required.

People Profile will be hosting our inaugural awards ceremony at the Sunrise Civic Center Theater on Sunday June 12th 2016. People Profile Awards recognitions will do wonders for business, and individuals. Those who feel appreciated, are more productive. The event is designed to recognize excellence while providing financial assistance to notable Charities such as the Coalition of Alumni Association, The Jamaican Diaspora Legacy Foundation, The Opal Davis Lunch Program, Women in Distress and The Tom Joyner Foundation.