Nyasia Maldonado – CEO

About Nyasia Maldonado – CEO


CEO- Financial Partner Group

This Saturday, November 19th, we welcome Nyasia Maldonado of Financial Partner Group. She will be discussing how they partner in the community to promote financial success. Join us at 12:20 on WAVS 1170 AM.

Financial Partner Group is a financial services company dedicated to educating the community about finances. Our mission is to coach and help families become financially successful. Established 5 years ago. Before beginning their journey to financial success, they were owners of a franchise pizza restaurant. The restaurant wasn’t very successful, especially because it was a recession, and after 2 years of hard work and struggles they closed it. Shortly after closing the restaurant down,  they got the opportunity to make ten thousand dollars working alongside a group of men who’d just opened a new tax office. The incentive was based on referring a minimum of 50 new clients. By the end of tax season, our referrals totaled up to 61. We were not given the ten-thousand-dollar incentive promised to us. The men we partnered with each walked away with $250,000. Despite the mishap, we were presented with an opportunity once more to continue to be entrepreneurs. La’Kesha the proud owner of Financial Partner Group, took a tax course with Liberty Tax and opened her first office shortly after.

The tax industry is one of the easiest, and most lucrative industries. The money is great, but to make a difference we had to do something different from everyone else. What would separate us? Free education. It is for a lack of education that people are unable to excel beyond expectations. To rid of any problem, you must get to the root. We decided to educate the community for free. We educate people about financial planning, credit, life insurance, immigration, investments, and retirement, as well as tax preparation and the role it plays when an individual decides to make a major life decision.

Families suffer due to limited opportunity, time, and money. The difference Financial Partner Group makes is determined by the opportunities presented to any and every one seeking financial freedom.  Freedom is being able to follow your dreams and achieve your goals without bearing the weight of stress because of what you don’t have. It is a mind frame. Knowledge is power. Through education, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.