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Marketing Director


Keisha Willis
BS in International Business | MBA | MS in Internet Marketing | Doctorate in Ed.  Leadership – Management/Candidate

The ISO Tradition
For nearly thirty years, l’Institut Supérieur d’Optique (ISO) has provided cutting edge vision care education in one of the most competitive markets in the world. With ISOTech, we aim to bring that scientific and creative know-how to the United States. ISOTech prepares the next generation of allied vision care professionals to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We work alongside the optical industry to familiarize our students with the latest technologies and methodologies so that, upon completion of our programs, students will be able to deliver quality care and retail experiences to patients and consumers.

Powerful Networks
ISO has 3,000 students at any given time and the largest network of vision care alumni in France. ISO has students from more than 28 countries and ISO alumni work on 5 continents. Former alumni now have positions in some of worlds largest vision care manufacturers, retailers, and research institutions. ISO alumni have done everything from building their own frame brands to opening and managing large retail chains.

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