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Eric Greaves of My Third Eye Media will be visiting our Community Partner’s on Saturday, July 2nd at 12:20 PM. He is a highly creative individual who has been supporting Goldson Spine at several of our events over the years. If you have been following us you have seen his work. Tune in to hear about is new innovative plans and learn more about him.

Eric Greaves, the founder of My Third Eye Media, created his company on one but very strong belief. That belief is one photograph can tell a lifetime of stories.
As a published photographer both in Print and TV Broadcasting industries, Eric has held his belief that one photograph holds the greatest stories, but more importantly. They share a moment of life. Eric has a combination of 11 years of experience most of which is in TV Broadcasting as a Photojournalist. Eric’s passion for TV, Film and Photography is so deeply rooted that it has been the only passion he has had held to since he was a child. Eric recalls being inspired by shows like Sesame Street, The Muppets and actors like LeVar Burton of the Reading Rainbow and many more. These programs alongside great photographic images from Iconic Photographer such as Gordon Parks (the first Afro-American man to shoot for Time Magazine and also the primary photographer for Ebony and Jet Magazines) of Anne Leibovitz who was a photographer for the magazine Rolling Stone taught him to use his imagination and see the world at its best and worst one frame at a time.

After serving in the Army during Gulf War, Eric returned home to pursue his passion in Photography. One of Eric’s many assets is his God given ability to see the world one frame at a time and because of that, Eric views every photograph as history and in some cases as our defining and proud moments we all have in life. He has a great respect for imagery and the others who practice this visionary craft. Eric invites you join him in his passion for capturing defining moments in everyone’s history whether it is in Sports, Architecture, Live Events or your Portfolios one frame at time.