Dr. Brittany Goldson DPT. MBA

About Dr. Brittany Goldson DPT. MBA


Dr. Brittany Goldson

Brittany Goldson is the staff Physical Therapist at Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center. She has been employed at the office since 2002, starting off as the clerical administrator during high school. In 2004, she began attending Florida International University with a concentration in health sciences and a minor in psychology. After completion of bachelor’s degree in health sciences, graduate school was the next big achievement in mind.

Between the years of 2008 and 2011, she attended the physical therapy doctorate program at FIU. Dr. Goldson’s interests involve human behavior and psychology, with the belief that physical health can stem from mental health. With this belief, practicing physical therapy is not just exercising and strengthening muscles; it is also important to have a well mind and be in an atmosphere encouraging ‘turning up the life.