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This time of year we are looking back on what has past and trying to go forward with a clean slate. If you need a little help tune in this Saturday to 1170 AM WAVS radio at 2:20 PM to the Sidony show. Pastor Anthony Taylor has written a book that is such a simple easy read with a profound impact.

Apostle Anthony A. Taylor(Dec 11th)
Book: Talking the Life and Walking a Lie. The book tells of my past mistakes and downfalls of my early teenage years though my mid manhood age a young preacher that had shook hands with satan. Chapter 7 best tells pastor Taylor’s story and shows places in the bible that can help you fight losses and hardship and stay in a place where you can overcome and progress.
The reason you should read my book is simple, you may not be a preacher but if you have anything that has a stronghold on your life weather it be women, drinking, drugs whatever, that very thing you have been trying to shake for years and it’s still there my book can help you or a family member and even a friend face the fact and look to the word for help.

Ordering information : Write to Apostle Anthony A. Taylor
P.O. Box 24113
Oakland Park, FL 33307

With your donation of $12.00+$2.00 shipping & handling your book will be shipped out to you the very next business day.
Forms of payment: money orders,personal checks made payable to Anthony Taylor your personal checks must clear before your book can be shipped.
Credit cards are welcomed: $12.00+$2:.00 shipping & handling +$1.00 credit card fee to place your order by phone 954-651-4333
Pastor Taylor’s Facebook page is prophet Anthony Taylor

The open enrollment for Affordable Health Care/Obamacare has begun. If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing to help clarify things for you then join us this Saturday at 12:20 PM on WAVS 1170 AM radio. Mr. Marvin Ward will be on board to give some insight to the many choices available to obtain healthcare before the cut off date.