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Red Yabba Natural Cafe

Elaine Stephenson join us on WAVS radio with Dennis Grant this past Saturday to introduce us to a tasty nutritional cafe.

Red Yabba All Natural Café is an eclectic, quick service, casual dining restaurant specializing in healthy Caribbean style cuisine located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  The main concept of Red Yabba is to serve delicious food that sustains not only the health of the individual but the planet.  We believe this is a great concept because there is growing demand for all natural, organic and tasty food.  At Red Yabba we use the finest ingredients that are non-GMO and/or organic, whenever possible.  We strive to use animal products that are raised without antibiotics or hormones.  Our menu is varied and quite extensive, and include dishes that are gluten free.  We’ve done this because we recognize the growing demand for this type of food in the Pembroke Pines and larger South Florida area.  We have always been trend-setters in the restaurant business and as such, we believe that good food that enhances quality of life has to become the standard of the future.  This is what Red Yabba All Natural Café brings to the South Florida dining landscape.