Sports Medicine Services

Sports medicine services aren’t only for injured athletes committed to optimizing their performance, they are also for active people who want to maintain great physical health. And individuals whose physical activities have been limited by injury, pain, or health issues.


In many ways, life is like a sport: you get more out of it by putting more into it. An injury, pain, or physical limitation can prevent you from fully participating in the activities that mean the most to you. This can lead to feeling despondent and losing your lust for life.


At Goldson Spine we take a multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine. We want to improve your health and well-being through an individualized approach. We can work on your goal of better performance in athletic activities, as well as stabilizing injuries so you can maintain your way of life. We aim to improve your overall health.


We focus on your whole life, not just your painful knee or aching back. If you want to train for a marathon or simply resume daily activities after an injury? We check family history of related health problems? We believe that the place to start is with a full understanding of your health issues, lifestyle, and activity goals. All of these things factor in our approach for caring for you.