Pain Therapy


Caring for Neck Pain and Back Pain 

If you are suffering from neck pain and back pain it can be extremely debilitating. It makes walking, standing and carrying out everyday tasks extremely difficult, and we understand that you want to live a pain free, active life. That’s why we offer pain management for back, neck, and shoulder pain, including Chiropractic Adjustments, Braces, Physical therapy, and Massage, at all three sites, North Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and Plantation. We have found that when all of these treatments are used in conjunction, pain is reduced and complete healing takes place.

Pain Management for Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

Whether your pain is from an old injury, repetitive motion, or an accident, we can help you heal and control your acute or chronic pain.  Managing your shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain is one of the first things we do after your initial evaluation.

We know that pain management is a top priority in your life, which is why our first step after the initial evaluation is getting your pain under control. Our chiropractors will address your needs and the injuries and recommend a multi-pronged approach that typically involves chiropractor adjustments, massage, and physical therapy.

Our chiropractors will start with spinal alignments to help with your back. By correctly aligning the spine, the stress placed on your spinal column and back muscles will instantly decrease, and many patients notice a decrease in back and neck pain after the first visit. However, we recommend that individuals receive regular spinal adjustments at least two times a week until their pain is under control.

Once the pain is under control, we start using treatments that are designed to facilitate healing of the injured area. This could include continued chiropractic adjustments, massage, and intensive physical therapy as well as nutrition goals. The adjustments ensure that the spine stays in alignment. Massage therapy heals knots and sore spots in the muscles and improves blood flow to injured areas, and performing physical therapy exercises strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility. The goal of this phase of our care is to completely heal the injury and eliminate any residual back, neck, and shoulder pain. Lastly, we recommend receiving semi-regular chiropractic care to ensure that your neck pain in Plantation does not return.

With our multi-pronged approach to pain management, we hope to not only give our patients a pain free life, but also completely heal their shoulder, back, and neck pain and give you back the active lifestyles that you are used to living.

If you need help managing your neck pain, contact us at one of our three locations, North Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, or Plantation. Our friendly staff would be happy to talk to you about your pain and schedule an assessment.