Written by Keel Russell

Just Say “No” Drugs

I believe there is a shift happening all-across America concerning health and western medical practices. People everywhere are beginning to realize the long-term dangers of taking both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The good news is Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center offers holistic treatment that includes physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture and counseling options. When used correctly and consistently, you will find far less reasons to pop a pill or refill a prescription.

In this #JustSayNoToDrugs series, we will explore the benefits of  acupuncture, as a method of an alternative way to heal the body. As a system of medicine, acupuncture is over 2,500 years old, and may have been practiced in China in a rudimentary form 5,000, even 7,000 years ago.

This is why at Goldson Spine, we are pleased to offer acupuncture at all 4 of our offices. Research shows that acupuncture encourages natural healing, recuperative powers, boosts immunity, enhances physical and emotional health and improves overall body function. If you currently use drugs or medicine to cope with any of the aforementioned conditions, consider the acupuncturists at Goldson Spine for treatment alternatives. Just call (866) Goldson to schedule an appointment. Tell them Crystal sent you.

However, if you don’t believe me, check out the Annals of Internal Medicine. They recommend that we avoid using any drug-based treatment as a first option. On the contrary and despite popular belief, we should opt for non-drug approaches that include acupuncture. Personally, I use acupuncture to increase my energy levels, to alleviate cold symptoms and to promote weight loss.

Typically, over-the-counter painkillers such as Advil, Motrin and Aleve only provide temporary relief, as well as, long term affects that ultimately damage other parts of the body and organs. Clearly, a paradigm shift is underway and in order. I recommend that instead of trying acupuncture, make it a part of your lifestyle. Put down the pill bottle and consider acupuncture, a natural treatment option proven to help with both short-term and long-term pain relief, body function, and improvement in mood. Goldson Spine dares you, but I double dog dare you to #JustSayNoToDrugs.

– Crystal Mathis, Goldson Spine Client and Marketing Executive

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