Princess Fe has a Challenge For You!
Written by Keel Russell

Princess Fe has a Challenge For You!

Hey you beautiful Goldson Spiner’s! My name is Felicia, but you can call me Princess Fe. I’m here today because I am on a very tough mission that I believe a lot of people would like to join me on. As you can see I’m not the skinniest chick on the planet and as of late I am growing tired of being overweight. Yeah I said it, overweight lol! Honestly I’m quite comfortable in my skin, but my 21st Birthday is coming up & I have to make sure I am on point that day because I’ve been dreaming about it for forever! I have decided to start a lifestyle change to get myself together not only physically but mentally as well.

I have exactly 87 days until my birthday which is February 6th! So mark your calendars the Princess finally turns 21!!!! Starting tomorrow I am going to work out twice a day, every day. Yes I know it sounds like a crazy goal to set just starting out, but one thing about me I like to aim high & be as positive as I can. Even if I don’t get in two workout sessions, I will definitely put in at least an hour of my time doing something active. But not only that I will be changing my eating habits as well. Luckily for us, our amazing Marketing Director Marcelle is providing us with a visual blog aka vlog in which you will be able to watch videos of the different things I will be doing on my journey to look and feel better than I ever have! I am so excited to start this next page in my life, and I would be honored if others wanted to join me on this mission to a healthier me, and a healthier you.

I will mainly be posting my dietary and workout plans on our Goldson Spine YouTube! There you will also be able to find me and all our awesome events that we love to host. You can like and subscribe to our channel to be notified every time a new video is posted! Special thanks to the whole Goldson Spine Family for providing me with the opportunity to share my life with you awesome Goldson Spiner’s whether it’s Patients, Friends or Family we are all one. I love you guys & can’t wait to “Turn Up the Life” with everyone!!!! ️

Ps: My first video will be posted on the 10th day which will be the 20th of November when we have our Patient Appreciation Day events. One will be held at our Plantation office where you will find yours truly Princess Fe in attendance, and the other will be at our new office in North Lauderdale. For now, I will be posting blogs on our __________________. There you will be able to keep up with what I’m doing every 2 days. Looking forward to feedback from you Goldson Spiner’s!


Peace, Love & Happiness

~Princess Fe <3


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