• Physical Therapy and Automobile Accidents
  • Physical Therapy and Automobile Accidents
Written by Keel Russell

Don’t forget to stretch

OK so you made some resolutions at the beginning of the year, and you have actually been able to stick to it. You’ve lost some weight and you’re feeling real good about yourself. Congratulations! You deserve a real big pat on your back, may be even some chocolate cake. Just kidding, that might set you back. The bottom line is you set a goal and you are well on your way to reaching it.

You are in the gym three times a week, you are running three times a week, and you are using and defining muscles. What’s missing from this scenario? Well what should go hand in hand with any workout is an amazing stretch. It’s the one thing that most of us forget and it is arguably the most important part of the workout. I say this from experience.

Once I got pass all that “You know you should make time to work out” and actually started doing it, I became a workout junkie. For years I got like Nike says and “Just did it” paying very little attention to the art of stretching. Now years later I am addressing all the issues that come with tight muscles, back pain, shoulder pain, leg cramps, and general stiffness.

Many injuries are as a result of a lack of flexibility. Poor body mechanics and posture or the lack of adequate tone to support weight bearing joints like your knees and spine also plays a major role. Many people who come into Goldson Spine with complaints of low back pain are surprised when they are told that their pain can be significantly reduced if they would start a stretching regime and start toning up their abdominal muscles.

Sure I had the muscle tone, thanks to my working out however, lack of stretching had created issues that made my daily life challenging. I knew stretching was important but I had not made it a priority. What I have come to find out is just how awesome it is when you feel the pain of a good stretch and see the results either right away or the next day. You start to think, “If it hurts this bad it must be good for me”. LOL!

Now I make sure to not only make stretching a part of my workout routine, I also wake up and stretch in bed before I get up. I have a little 15 minute segment that comes to me naturally because my body tells me it needs that particular stretch. The doctors at Goldson Spine have shown me some stretches that I add to the mix, then I roll out of bed and get to my half an hour workout. What do you think I do after that? You guessed it, I stretch again when I am finished. So remember don’t forget to stretch. Taking stretching out of your workout regime could cause some serious damage to your body if you’re not careful when working out, then potentially creating the need for a Seattle orthopedic surgeon.

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