Written by Keel Russell

Dad, health is Important. Full stop.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if there’s anything that dads dislike more than being overshadowed by the ever-popular Mother’s Day, it’s talking about the dreaded “H word” – Heath! By now, we all should know that eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting periodic medical checkups can help extend a person’s life. And who doesn’t want an extended life? Well…dads, apparently.

According to a survey by Cleveland Clinic, the majority of men questioned did not want to pay the doctor a visit and those who did only did so out of fear of a serious illness. So major medical emergency or nothing? This is like owning a valuable vehicle and ignoring all the warning signs until one day, BAM, the engine explodes. And I’m sure you’ve heard all the excuses: I don’t have the time; I have a phobia about doctors and their probing instruments; I once knew a guy who never went to the doctor and was strong as an ox. Nope. Health is important. Full stop.

Looking at a list of top causes of death in men in the U.S. from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you’ll see conditions such as heart disease, cancer (prostate cancer in particular), stroke and many others. While not every illness is completely avoidable, prevention practices and early detection have been proven to actually save lives. For instance, under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist, exercise and strength training can greatly reduce the risk and effects from cardiovascular disease through the implementation of a controlled and efficient schedule. In fact, physical therapy has been a useful tool in combatting many ailments by preventing and managing several health conditions before they advance to more life-threatening stages.

Another statistic from the Cleveland Clinic survey found that 19% of men went to the doctor merely to stop their loved ones from pestering them about the issue. In this case, nagging the dads in your lives (including husbands, grandpas, uncles, and fathers-in-law) about taking care of their health would be a much better gift than a printed mug or t-shirt if it meant having them around for a longer time and perhaps, even saving their lives. So don’t be afraid to recommend the intervention of physical therapy for a happier Father’s Day this year!

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