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A car accident can have many repercussions. Apart from the physical damage to your body, there is an emotional component that is not often dealt with. Feelings such as shock, worry, grief, and confusion are common after a wreck, but when those feelings linger, become more intense and start to impair the quality of living, then the sufferer may be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To make matters worse, feelings of depression and anxiety can develop in victims of auto accidents, which can lead to restrictions and difficulties in a person’s personal and professional life. Therefore, looking after one’s mental health following a car crash is very critical.

The rehabilitation process has as much to do with treating physical injuries as much as it has to do with addressing the feelings of persistent trauma. Establishing the right course of therapy with a medical facility is extremely beneficial but, without the right balance, a patient’s progress can be adversely affected. Several studies have shown that psychological stress can hinder healing and, in some cases, cause long-term pain, phobias and sleep problems.

When a person is in a state of distress, hormones like cortisol is produced – which puts the body in survival mode by controlling blood sugar levels, mood and the immune system. However, when there is constant distress, the body cannot function the way it should in order to encourage effective and timely recovery. As a result, individuals can suffer from crippling fear and anxiety that can make everyday tasks become major obstacles. For instance, a fear of driving again may prevent a person from entering a vehicle, going to work or leaving the house to get necessary medical care.

At Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, we take a comprehensive, whole-body approach to treatment. Our team of licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and many others located throughout our four South Florida locations use holistic methods to restore and improve a patient’s wellbeing. Additionally, Dr. Thiema Goldson is a qualified psychotherapist who can offer car accident victims the help they need to overcome trauma and by extension, aid in the healing process.

In the United States, there is a total of almost 700 auto accidents every hour. Many of the people involved are likely to experience chronic mental health complications and risk injuring themselves further if they don’t seek proper assistance. The most effective form of treatment, which we highly believe in at Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, takes both the mental and physical into account as the mind and body work together to promote overall good health.

Written by goldsonspine

Goldson Spine’s Back to School 2018

It was an action-packed day for Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center on Saturday, August 4, 2018, when our Annual Back to School Celebration took place. The event was hosted by the  Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Sr. Foundation and proudly supported by several sponsors who helped to ensure that we were able to give away over 500 book bags and various school supplies.
The day started around 12 noon when a multitude of eager kids and parents got the festivities going with a lively game of tug of war. Children from elementary to high school ages battled it out for an assortment of prizes and put their muscles on display. But that wasn’t the only activity that got everyone’s adrenaline pumping. The bouncy houses, obstacle course, and trampoline station provided tons of excitement.
And of course, there were plenty of food and drinks in the eating area where numerous well-placed fans kept everyone cool while the DJ booth kept the atmosphere amped up.
There were also private tents to carry out the FREE school physicals and FREE eye examinations, which we are always very pleased to provide to ensure that the kids return to school in the best of health.
The afternoon wound down to a mini dance party where attendees showed off some incredible moves and we couldn’t have been more grateful to see all the smiling faces as the event came to an end.
Don’t miss out on our Annual Back to School Celebration next year. Be on the lookout every August. In the meantime, remember to “Turn Up The Life.”
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Save The Date: Goldson Spine Back to School 2018 edition

The Goldson Spine Annual Back to School Celebration is scheduled to take place on August 4th in Lauderhill.  This event is proudly hosted by  the  Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Sr. Foundation.

The Goldson Spine Annual Back to School Celebration with take place from 12pm to 4pm at the Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium located at 3700 NW 11th Place in Lauderhill.

Thanks in part to the event’s  generous sponsors, over 500 book bags and assorted school supplies will be given away free of charge!

This year’s event will feature an Education Village area that will host the Broward Alliance for Caribbean Educators.  Here, valuable educational  information will be available to both parents and students.

Free School Physicals and Eye Examinations will be given on a first come, first served basis beginning at 2pm.

Goldson Spine will also provide a refreshments  as well as many fun children’s activities such as bounce houses, face painting, cotton candy and an obstacle course.

The Goldson Spine Annual Back to School Celebration 2018 is sponsored by the following: Commissioner Holeness,  Dr. Alex Aleman,  Junny Investment Group, Aaid Towing Inc.,  Michael B. Nipon,  Thaddeus Hamilton, The Injury Firm, Daniel Maier,  Oasis Dental Care, Thomas and Pearl, and Reese Vision Care

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available!

Contact  Jason Ramdewar at 954-584-3774, or email jramdewar@goldsonspine.com

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May is Arthritis Awareness Month


Arthritis is one of the most debilitating conditions in the US, affecting over 50 million adults, as well as children. And that number is expected to grow by about 30% in the next ten years.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are more than 100 types of arthritis and associated illnesses such as Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia, and Lupus. Thus, the term does not describe only one disease but refers, in general, to pain, stiffness, and inflammation of the joints—which often restrict a person’s range of motion and impact daily life. Some common areas affected include hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, knees, and back.

Proper diet and exercise are major components in attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but with arthritis, treatment and pain management are equally important.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care have been extremely effective in the battle against arthritis as they seek to ease discomfort, improve mobility, strengthen muscles and correct impairments in a natural way. Especially for those who wish to stay away from prescription medication (including opioids) and surgical procedures.

Additionally, these therapeutic methods address external factors which impact the body. For instance, poor posture and certain everyday habits can put pressure on joints and cause further damage.

The month of May is dedicated to bringing awareness to arthritis in order to better understand its effects, educate the public and foster research. In this regard, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center would like to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and the tremendous benefits which come from working with licensed physical therapists and qualified chiropractors, such as those found at any one of our four facilities throughout South Florida.

Arthritis is usually linked to the elderly, but statistics have shown that children, teens and even babies are affected, making it a widespread disease not only across the nation but across generations. Therefore, an effective course of treatment is essential for dealing with arthritis pain, preventing joint deterioration and getting your life moving in the right direction again.


Written by goldsonspine

What Is Text Neck?


Your cell phone vibrates in your pocket while you’re walking to the car. Your vehicle is only a few feet away but waiting seems impossible. You eagerly retrieve the phone and smile as you look down at the message previewed on the screen. You quickly begin typing up a witty response and without realizing it, you’ve just started falling victim to text neck.

When people stare at their mobile devices or tablets, the body is often contorted in a dangerous way. These devices are rarely brought up to the face instead, people take a cruel stance: they hunch over and extend their necks almost beyond capacity. It’s no surprise then that this action promotes poor posture and an abnormal curvature of the cervical spine over time; it causes pain in the back, neck and shoulder regions and can result in other ailments such as pinched nerves, nagging headaches and herniated disks.

That’s because the human head weighs approximately 12 pounds. To put it into perspective, the average weight of a bowling ball used in competitions ranges between 13-15 pounds. Therefore, in comparison, the human head is not very different. To make matters worse, when the neck is arched further forward and downward a lot more stress is applied to the spine. In fact, experts warn that for every inch the head slants forward, the pressure on the spine becomes twofold. At a certain degree of flexion, that pressure can reach 60 pounds (or about 4 bowling balls).

Unfortunately, this electronics-driven condition can give rise to problems that necessitate medical care and in some cases, surgery. However, it doesn’t usually have to involve such extreme measures. Physical therapy is a natural and comprehensive solution. It is instrumental in relieving discomfort, treating complaints and preventing further occurrences.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center has a well-rounded team of chiropractors, licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and many others who are qualified and ready to help alleviate the pain of text neck and stop its perilous progression so you can happily and healthily enjoy technology for years to come. Call 866-GOLDSON and appointment to see us today!

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The Secret Behind Long Lasting, Strong Penetrating Power!


Camphor and menthol are natural compounds that have been used by many different cultures over the centuries due to their healing powers. Camphor is taken from the Cinnamomum camphora tree and Menthol comes from mint plants, and together, they are combined for a potent application.

Menthol often produces a cooling effect as it works to alleviate discomfort by intercepting signals sent to the brain and altering the body’s perception of pain. It also functions as a counterirritant agent whereby minor irritation is generated in one area of the body in order to ease irritation in another area. [Learn more at www.DrGoldson.com]

Camphor has many soothing and suppressive properties which make it ideal for reducing swelling, relieving muscle spasms and treating nerve pain. When applied on the skin, this substance creates a cool sensation as well, which is owed to the stimulation of sensory nerves that ultimately diminish pain and irritation. Camphor has been sampled in the development of several drugs and there is even research to suggest that it can be a successful form of treatment for major diseases.

Indeed, Menthol and Camphor have been utilized in both traditional and modern medicine for ages because there seems to be no end to their therapeutic advantages. Nowadays, the two substances are found in topical analgesics, anti-inflammatory medication and many others, providing much-needed relief to pain-stricken individuals.

Dr. Goldson’s Spine Joint and Muscle Cream harnesses the benefits of Menthol, Camphor and Methyl Salicylate Technology to deliver an effective product that targets pain on a deep level. Massaging the cream into the skin provides quick relief for pain that tends to sting, needle and pester critical joints and muscles throughout the body such as the neck, back, shoulders, knees and ankles.  No prescription is required to start feeling the restorative effects of the Menthol-based cream, which means you don’t have to live in pain for another minute. Visit http://www.drgoldson.com and order yours today.
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The Subtlety of Pain

It seems you can’t drive half a mile without a billboard or radio advertisement advising an attorney’s office to call or a medical service to use in the event of a car crash, which is great information to have, but what about everyday occurrences?

The majority of adults in the United States will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and migraine headaches are reportedly one of the top disabling illnesses in the entire world. Thus, the most common types of pain are not necessarily associated with an extraordinary life event. Pain can result from major as well as minor injuries, poor lifting techniques, bad posture, improper footwear and natural wear and tear of your body over time.

Damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons is known as soft tissue injury, and unlike the visible trauma of broken bones, these kinds of injuries are not always aptly addressed. For instance, a slip and fall at the grocery store, a pulled hamstring at the gym or muscle spasms and cramps on the basketball court may seem negligible but can produce daily agony and prolonged discomfort if not correctly assessed and treated. The plain truth is life entails a lot of moving about and as a consequence, pain is almost inescapable but that doesn’t mean a person’s quality of life should deteriorate because of it.

Nowadays, there are extremely effective noninvasive and holistic approaches to treatment and pain management as the idea of surgical procedures and intrusive instruments can be daunting to many folks. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are life-repairing options that offer tremendous relief to those suffering from back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, muscle and joint aches and so much more. And the services provided by these practitioners go a step beyond the diagnostic function of a traditional doctor as licensed physical therapists and chiropractors identify the problem and work with the individual in devising a specific treatment plan.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center is a one-stop facility. We have an excellent team of chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and rehab technicians who are qualified and well-equipped to identify, treat and manage all sorts of conditions stemming from everyday mishaps, work-related injuries, sports-related injuries, deformities, severe disorders and many others. Additionally, our skilled staff can assist in preventing the onset and recurrence of certain ailments and diseases.

Our rehabilitation centers have proudly been a restorative force in South Florida for over twenty years with four locations in North Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Plantation and Aventura. Our goal is to aid in the recovery process, both in the short-term and in the long-term, as we understand the need for urgent relief as well as ongoing care. Therefore, let us help resolve any nagging pain or debilitating injury that may be preventing you from taking full control of your life, now and in the future.

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Goldson Spine Back to School 2017 Celebration!

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center held its annual Back to School Event on Saturday, August 12, 2017, and we are happy to report that it was a tremendous success thanks in no small part to the collaborative efforts of our generous sponsors, vendors, staff, volunteers and attendees. We asked the public to come out in full force and folks responded to our call in large numbers. We were slated to begin admitting families into the park at midday but due to the wonderful turnout, we opened the gates much earlier.

The day was kicked off by a rousing game of kickball by the Goldson Spine team, which created an active and enjoyable environment that carried through until late afternoon. The DJ station helped to get things moving with a steady flow of upbeat music and face painting brightened up an already bright day.

There were bounce houses for the kids, an obstacle course for the brave and several rounds of tug of war, which earned a few strong children some toys and prizes. There was a beverage station that kept everyone hydrated, a food shed that kept everyone energized and treats such as cotton candy and ice cream for those with a sweet tooth.

Attendees also had the chance to collect prizes for correctly answering questions about Goldson Spine and it was endearing to see so much of the community getting involved and displaying incredible knowledge about our facilities and services. We had an exciting dance competition and Dr. Fidel Goldson Jr. ended the day by awarding one lucky young lady a brand new Samsung tablet for correctly answering questions about anatomy.

Free physicals were offered by our Goldson Spine doctors to countless children and our book bag giveaway was one of the highlights of the event. We were so pleased to once again host our back-to-school event and to help contribute to a positive school year for the young people of our community.

All in all, fun was had by adults and kids alike and families were able to benefit from the services provided, which is always the best outcome. Therefore, we at Goldson Spine cannot wait to “Turn Up The Life” and meet even more people next year!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers: Commissioner Dale Holness, K.C. Old Boys, Oasis Dental Care, Dr. Wayne Fraser, Thomas and Pearl, Associates MD, Grant’s Health Drink, WAVS1170AM, Windsor Imaging, Reese Vision Care, Cox Media / 99Jamz, Bethlehem Junior Academy, The Imaging Centers,  Jamaican Women of Florida, Comprehensive Spine Center, B.A.C.E., Broward Public Library, Commissioner Howard Berger, Jay Shapiro and Associates, Attorney Thaddeus Hamilton, Phoenix Sound & Lighting, Donna’s Caribbean Restaurant, Reggae Fit, Caribbean National Weekly, and A1 Medical.

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We’re happy to report that the Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center’s Chiropractic Care Show and Tell hosted at our North Lauderdale office last week started off with a bang. Or maybe a crack, as Dr. Koi Ibrahim gave a live demonstration of a chiropractic adjustment on an eager participant. Chiropractors diagnose and treat disorders affecting muscles, joints and the nervous system with a hands-on approach to therapy and manipulation of the spine. Therefore, seeing the demonstration in person helped to get a real sense of how beneficial and effortless the procedure is…especially in the caring hands of Dr. Koi.

The Goldson Spine team answered questions and provided additional information, in particular, Dr. Koi explained that the body should be looked at bilaterally as our jobs and daily activities can create imbalances, even something as simple as favoring one hand over the other in completing tasks can cause tension and tightening on one side of the body. Of course, when we think of injuries or ailments we think of doctors and family practitioners but licensed physical therapists and chiropractors should be included in the process as they not only identify the problem but offer treatment options as well. Furthermore, a licensed physical therapist and chiropractor can help you get better in tune with your body and your specific physical needs. That sort of individualized attention is extremely useful for stabilizing injuries, preventing future damage and maintaining proper health.

After the demonstration, there were two giveaways because a Goldson Spine event is always about spreading knowledge AND having fun. One delighted winner received an personal care gift basket and the other winner received an electric temple massager.

Several representatives from the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce and the North Lauderdale City Commission were also in attendance. Both offices have been tremendous forces in the district for businesses and residents alike. Executive Director of the Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce, Peter Mason and Commissioner Lorenzo Wood gave speeches highlighting the contributions of Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center since opening a facility in North Lauderdale in April of 2015 and our very own Crystal Mathis and  Dr. Koi Ibrahim were each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Commissioner Wood. Goldson Spine is beyond grateful for the recognition and commendation because we believe in community outreach and the strength that comes from mutual support.

In light of that, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center’s next upcoming event is the Annual Summer Splash Back to School Celebration on Saturday, August 12, 2017, from 12 noon to 4 PM at the Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium (3700 NW 11th PL., Lauderhill, FL 33311). We hope to see everyone there and meet more of our wonderful Broward community members!

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Benefits of Routine Exercise

Routine! Anyone who’s ever had to adhere to a routine knows it can be quite challenging. Having to do something over and over and in line with a schedule may not seem fun but just as when you were a kid being made to eat vegetables, you realize that some things in life are worth the time and effort.

Exercise and good health go hand in hand as engaging in frequent physical activity is an incredible tool for losing and maintaining weight, for lowering the risk of heart disease and developing type 2 diabetes. Exercise is also a great way to strengthen bones and muscles. An adult human has 206 bones which provide support and help the body to move about. Though, they do not achieve this on their own. Muscles and joints pitch in to ensure that people are finely tuned moving machines but with age, bones become weaker due to the loss of density resulting in the increased likelihood of osteoporosis and fractures. The encouraging news is that research has shown that incorporating at least 2 to 3 hours per week of moderately intense forms of exercise as well as doing other strengthening activities can decrease the risk of breaking a bone, decelerate the loss of bone density and reduce joint pain associated with arthritis.

However, looking after your skeletal and muscular systems is important at any age. Thankfully, getting started on a regular exercise journey is made simple with licensed physical therapists who are qualified to assess and recommend the right amount of repetitions, intensity and impact of your workout, enhance your ability to regulate pain and make it easier to stick to a steady routine. Of course, if your bone and muscle health has been slightly neglected, chiropractors will be available to offer treatment alternatives to healing and aligning the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the back and spine, without something as drastic as surgical intervention.

Our Goldson Spine offices are fully equipped with the experienced Chiropractic and Physical Therapy professionals who have a passionate  for the wellness of our community.

As you can see, physical activity can have tremendous benefits but regular physical activity in consultation with physical therapy or chiropractic therapy is really the key to reaping the rewards of these benefits and tapping into your body’s true potential.

Call 1-866- 465-3766 today and make an appointment to see us!

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