Professional Athlete Then You Need Chiropractic Care
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Professional Athlete Then You Need Chiropractic Care

Very few activities can be as strenuous and physically taxing on one’s body as being a professional athlete. As an athlete – whether you’re a runner, a boxer, or even a football player – you put your body through rigorous demands. Without proper care, your body can slowly start to suffer from compounding effects of your preferred sport. Muscle aches, stiffness, and joint pain are all common problems that athletes regularly experience.

If you’re a professional athlete (or even if you’re just a hobby jogger!), you deserve to have a body that can sustain the effort that you require of it. Fortunately, having a trusted and dependable chiropractor on call can help you get lasting relief from the aches and pains associated with your sport, all without dangerous drugs or invasive medical procedures.

Reduced Healing Time

One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is a debilitating, sport-related injury. An injury can quickly sideline you, depriving you from the ability to practice your sport at your leisure. If you’ve been injured while practicing your sport, then you need to turn to us here at Goldson Spine. We can help you heal faster so you can get back to enjoying your sport all the more sooner!

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Drug abuse among athletes is tragically reaching epidemic levels. Many athletes turn to their primary care doctor when suffering from sports-related pain, but the powerful pain medications that they are prescribed only serve to mask their pain. Furthermore, these drugs can also lead to serious addiction, severely impairing the athlete’s quality of life and athletic performance. To get lasting pain relief without dangerous opioids, chiropractic care is the ideal way to go.

Increased Mobility

Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractic care isn’t just for treating spine or neck discomfort; it’s also a phenomenal way to help keep your body flexible and limber, too! Playing your sport can take its toll on your body, leading to muscle and joint stiffness and tension. If you’re wanting to greatly improve your mobility, then regular appointments with us can help you maintain your agility.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Every serious athlete needs a reliable chiropractor upon whom they can trust. We take great pride in helping our valued patients maintain their fitness and achieve their athletic goals. Allowing you to stay healthy and fit throughout your athletic career is a responsibility that we take quite seriously here at Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center.

If you’ve been suffering from ongoing pain, whether it’s related to your sport or due to something else entirely, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff look forward to speaking with you and helping you schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience!

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Dr. Goldson’s Pain Cream now with Turmeric

Camphor and menthol are natural compounds that have been used for centuries by many different cultures due to their amazing healing powers. Camphor is taken from the Cinnamomum camphora tree and Menthol comes from mint plants, and together, they create a potent combination.

Menthol produces a calming effect as it works to alleviate discomfort by intercepting signals sent to the brain and altering the body’s perception of pain. It also functions as a counterirritant agent whereby minor irritation is generated in one area of the body in order to lessen irritation in another area. [Learn more at]

Camphor has many soothing and suppressive properties, making it ideal for reducing swelling, relieving muscle spasms, and treating nerve pain. When applied, it creates a cool sensation on the skin owed to the stimulation of sensory nerves that diminish pain and irritation. Camphor has been sampled in the development of several drugs and there is research to suggest that it can be a successful form of treatment for certain major diseases.

It’s no wonder these natural components have been utilized in traditional and modern medicine for ages as there seems to be no end to their therapeutic advantages. In today’s society, Camphor and Menthol can be found in topical analgesics, arthritis medication and many other products, providing much-needed aid to pain-stricken individuals.

Dr. Goldson’s Spine Joint and Muscle Cream taps into the powers of both substances and now, the beloved formula has been improved to include turmeric. Turmeric is a popular additive in Indian and Caribbean cuisine but its value extends way beyond flavor. One of its main ingredients is curcumin which possesses unbelievable health benefits for the brain—shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease for instance—as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

The new Dr. Goldson’s Spine Joint and Muscle Cream harnesses the benefits of Menthol, Camphor, Methyl Salicylate Technology and Turmeric to deliver more effectual, helpful, and penetrative relief. It targets even the most nagging pain that can sting, needle and pester joints and muscles throughout the day. Critical areas such as the neck, back, shoulders, knees and ankles can finally get the ease they deserve.

No prescription is required to start feeling the restorative effects of this organic-based cream. And you don’t have to live in pain for another minute. Simply visit and order yours today.

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From the Ground Up!

Goldson Spine North Lauderdale welcomes custom orthotic technology.

A reasonably active person will walk an average of 110,000 miles throughout their lifetime. That’s the equivalent of running the New York City Marathon about 4,200 times. The truth is, our feet provide tremendous support day in and day out, taking us where we want to go and acting as a natural shock absorber in every step. Unfortunately, we don’t fully appreciate the hard work they do.

Given the daily stresses on our feet, it’s no surprise that roughly 80% of adults in the U.S. have foot complaints. Poor foot health can actually be an indicator of bad overall health and can even be a sign of serious underlying issues. Therefore, it’s important to analyze and understand your feet.

Each human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and over a hundred tendons and ligaments. Additionally, the arches in the foot lend support to essential joints in the body, such as the ankles, knees, hips, and the spine. Two of the most common foot problems are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The terms are often used together, but they are not interchangeable. Plantar fasciitis is mainly caused by inflammation of the connective tissue that spans the length of the foot—from the heel to the toes, while heel spurs are associated with pain and soreness originating from the heel bone—the back of the foot. However, if left untreated, plantar fasciitis can result in heel spurs.

Anybody can suffer from these ailments, though some categories of people are more at risk than others. For instance, women are more prone to develop plantar fasciitis than men, as well as those who stay on their feet for extended periods. Other major contributing factors include improper or ill-fitting footwear and excessive weight gain.

These disorders can be very agonizing and can disrupt a person’s daily lifestyle as activities like walking or standing become difficult due to discomfort in various areas of the foot. Thankfully, there is a proven method of treatment. Orthotics have been shown to supplement the foot’s arches, absorb ground shock, reduce the strain on other joints, and help circumvent future injuries. Further, they can change the weight distribution in your stance and improve how the musculoskeletal system operates.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Foot Levelers 3D scanner at our North Lauderdale location. This newly installed piece of technology will examine you from the ground up; identifying issues with imbalance, points of abnormal pressure, misalignments in the body, and ultimately creates a shoe insert tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Over-the-counter insoles have its benefits but are mass produced and don’t deliver the kind of specialized care your feet crave. Although many people experience the same foot conditions, it doesn’t mean every foot is the same, and it certainly doesn’t mean everybody experiences pain in the same manner. So, your orthotics should be just as unique as you are.

Stop doing your feet a disservice. Come to the Goldson Spine North Lauderdale office today for your FREE foot scan and get yourself fitted with a custom-made orthotic from the Foot Levelers 3D scanner. It’ll change the way you view your feet and improve your general well-being.

Your feet will thank you!

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May is Arthritis Awareness Month


Arthritis is one of the most debilitating conditions in the US, affecting over 50 million adults, as well as children. And that number is expected to grow by about 30% in the next ten years.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are more than 100 types of arthritis and associated illnesses such as Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia, and Lupus. Thus, the term does not describe only one disease but refers, in general, to pain, stiffness, and inflammation of the joints—which often restrict a person’s range of motion and impact daily life. Some common areas affected include hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, knees, and back.

Proper diet and exercise are major components in attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but with arthritis, treatment and pain management are equally important.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care have been extremely effective in the battle against arthritis as they seek to ease discomfort, improve mobility, strengthen muscles and correct impairments in a natural way. Especially for those who wish to stay away from prescription medication (including opioids) and surgical procedures.

Additionally, these therapeutic methods address external factors which impact the body. For instance, poor posture and certain everyday habits can put pressure on joints and cause further damage.

The month of May is dedicated to bringing awareness to arthritis in order to better understand its effects, educate the public and foster research. In this regard, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center would like to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and the tremendous benefits which come from working with licensed physical therapists and qualified chiropractors, such as those found at any one of our four facilities throughout South Florida.

Arthritis is usually linked to the elderly, but statistics have shown that children, teens and even babies are affected, making it a widespread disease not only across the nation but across generations. Therefore, an effective course of treatment is essential for dealing with arthritis pain, preventing joint deterioration and getting your life moving in the right direction again.


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The Subtlety of Pain

It seems you can’t drive half a mile without a billboard or radio advertisement advising an attorney’s office to call or a medical service to use in the event of a car crash, which is great information to have, but what about everyday occurrences?

The majority of adults in the United States will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and migraine headaches are reportedly one of the top disabling illnesses in the entire world. Thus, the most common types of pain are not necessarily associated with an extraordinary life event. Pain can result from major as well as minor injuries, poor lifting techniques, bad posture, improper footwear and natural wear and tear of your body over time.

Damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons is known as soft tissue injury, and unlike the visible trauma of broken bones, these kinds of injuries are not always aptly addressed. For instance, a slip and fall at the grocery store, a pulled hamstring at the gym or muscle spasms and cramps on the basketball court may seem negligible but can produce daily agony and prolonged discomfort if not correctly assessed and treated. Injuries picked up through no fault of your own may mean that you could be eligible to make a claim. All you need to do is contact a law firm, such as this one in West San Jose to see if this is something that is possible. If it is, then you will have compensation so that you are able to pay for any treatments or rehabilitation you may need because of your injury. Make sure you do your research in lawyers as you never know when you may need one. The plain truth is life entails a lot of moving about and as a consequence, pain is almost inescapable but that doesn’t mean a person’s quality of life should deteriorate because of it. People should be aware that there are many different types of pain relief that they can take to manage their pain. Some people may not have considered the use of medical marijuana before but you might want to if you’re really struggling with the pain. By visiting an online cannabis dispensary such as “to go weed” could be a great place to start if you would like to learn more about this method. It is important that you choose a pain relief treatment that is effective for you, so you may want to contact a medical professional if you have any concerns.

Nowadays, there are extremely effective noninvasive and holistic approaches to treatment and pain management as the idea of surgical procedures and intrusive instruments can be daunting to many folks. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are life-repairing options that offer tremendous relief to those suffering from back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, muscle and joint aches and so much more. And the services provided by these practitioners go a step beyond the diagnostic function of a traditional doctor as licensed physical therapists and chiropractors identify the problem and work with the individual in devising a specific treatment plan.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center is a one-stop facility. We have an excellent team of chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and rehab technicians who are qualified and well-equipped to identify, treat and manage all sorts of conditions stemming from everyday mishaps, work-related injuries, sports-related injuries, deformities, severe disorders and many others. Additionally, our skilled staff can assist in preventing the onset and recurrence of certain ailments and diseases.

Our rehabilitation centers have proudly been a restorative force in South Florida for over twenty years with four locations in North Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Plantation and Aventura. Our goal is to aid in the recovery process, both in the short-term and in the long-term, as we understand the need for urgent relief as well as ongoing care. Therefore, let us help resolve any nagging pain or debilitating injury that may be preventing you from taking full control of your life, now and in the future.

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Mental Health following an Accident

A car accident can have many repercussions. Apart from the physical damage to your body, there is an emotional component that is not often dealt with. Feelings such as shock, worry, grief, and confusion are common after a wreck, but when those feelings linger, become more intense and start to impair the quality of living, then the sufferer may be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you’ve been affected by an unfortunate accident, it’s important to remember that lawyers are at hand to make the aftermath more manageable and understandable; see here for South Carolina car accident lawyers – To make matters worse, feelings of depression and anxiety can develop in victims of auto accidents, which can lead to restrictions and difficulties in a person’s personal and professional life. Therefore, looking after one’s mental health following a car crash is very critical. Following a car accident that leads to injury or other issues, such as those laid out here, you may want to contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney to help you with the legal side of things following your incident which can help to relieve some of the stress from you.

The rehabilitation process has as much to do with treating physical injuries as much as it has to do with addressing the feelings of persistent trauma. Establishing the right course of therapy with a medical facility is extremely beneficial but, without the right balance, a patient’s progress can be adversely affected. Several studies have shown that psychological stress can hinder healing and, in some cases, cause long-term pain, phobias and sleep problems.

When a person is in a state of distress, hormones like cortisol is produced – which puts the body in survival mode by controlling blood sugar levels, mood and the immune system. However, when there is constant distress, the body cannot function the way it should in order to encourage effective and timely recovery. As a result, individuals can suffer from crippling fear and anxiety that can make everyday tasks become major obstacles. For instance, a fear of driving again may prevent a person from entering a vehicle, going to work or leaving the house to get necessary medical care.

At Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, we take a comprehensive, whole-body approach to treatment. Our team of licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and many others located throughout our four South Florida locations use holistic methods to restore and improve a patient’s wellbeing. Additionally, Dr. Thiema Goldson is a qualified psychotherapist who can offer car accident victims the help they need to overcome trauma and by extension, aid in the healing process.

In the United States, there is a total of almost 700 auto accidents every hour. Many of the people involved are likely to experience chronic mental health complications and risk injuring themselves further if they don’t seek proper assistance. The most effective form of treatment, which we highly believe in at Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, takes both the mental and physical into account as the mind and body work together to promote overall good health.

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Foods That Fight Inflammation

For many years conditions such as asthma and arthritis have been associated with inflammation. But in today’s society, where long-term illnesses have become prevalent, other conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes have also been linked to chronic inflammation.


Inflammation is the body’s way of healing, repairing and protecting itself. For instance, when we get a scrape or cut inflammation is the first line of defense in helping to stop the bleeding. However, this is meant to be a short-term response. The problem occurs when inflammation and the effects of inflammation persist.


A poor diet, lack of physical activity and excessive weight gain can all be major contributors to chronic inflammation, which can lead to disorders of the heart and joints as well as cancers of the lung and digestive tract.

Additionally, inflammation can result in skin conditions, affect oral health and even interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. Thus, nutrition and exercise become extremely vital in rectifying and curbing the damage that can be brought about by persistent or chronic inflammation.

At Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, we take an all-natural approach to treatment and therapy. We believe that with the right guidance and management, the human body can work wonders. Therefore, please consider the below information to improve your wellbeing and prevent the onset of debilitating diseases.


  1. Incorporate foods that combat inflammation such as those rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids (Omega-3s and Omega-6s) to lessen the likelihood of developing certain diseases, support a strong immune system and help regulate central bodily functions.

These include:

  • Beans e.g. black beans and lentils.
  • Fish e.g. wild Alaskan salmon,sardines and tuna.
  • Fruits e.g. apples, blueberries, oranges, plums and strawberries.
  • Nuts e.g. walnuts, peanuts and almonds.
  • Seeds e.g. flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
  • Vegetables e.g. beets, broccoli, kale, spinach and squashes.
  1. Cut back on inflammatory-causing foods. Check out our previous post titled “3 Foods that cause Inflammation” for more details on ridding your diet of common but harmful items that create serious health issues.
  2. Remember that balance also plays a key role. Making smart meal choices, staying active and looking after your body go a long way in transforming your life for the better.
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Injured in an Accident, Deal With Your Injuries FIRST!

Injured in an Accident, Deal With Your Injuries FIRST!

Why Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center should be your first stop!

Doing marketing for Goldson Spine, I have come to learn that nothing ruins a person’s day like being involved in an automobile accident. All of a sudden, you are experiencing pain, you may have car or some sort of property damage, and you probably will no longer arrive at your destination at the originally expected time. Your mind is cloudy with thoughts of money loss, missed appointments and the emotional stress associated with it all. Nonetheless, you try to gather yourself and determine what you should do first, second and third.

I know what you should do FIRST, but let’s be honest one of those upbeat radio jingles play in your head and before you know it, you considering getting treatment and legal advice from strangers. Family, please avoid the trap and consider doctors who have been serving our community for the past quarter century, providing quality medical care, creating jobs and opportunities, all while inspiring minorities that they too can be excellent and achieve unimaginable levels of success. To help us all make better decisions, here is some standard information.


  1. Call 911
  2. Exchange driver information
  3. Take photos and videos
  4. Look for witnesses
  5. Record your own statement
  6. Get a police report
  7. Accept emergency medical care
  8. Follow up with private medical care of your choice
  9. Contact the driver’s insurance company
  10. Meet with a personal injury attorney. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this website to learn more about Mark Rees personal injury lawyer

In real life (medical) treatment for our injuries settles to the bottom of the list, shifts to the ‘maybe’ list and can often end up on the ‘never’ list. In fact, the average person will consult with an attorney after an accident before consulting a doctor to seek treatment for their injuries. Selecting a doctor first is the only way to ensure that you treated like a patient not another number. In this season, as we all move towards being more intentional with our support, keep this list handy, and make Goldson Spine your treatment facility of choice. You will be glad you did. Tell our receptionist, I recommended you. Simply call to (866) Goldson
To get your life back in order and recover financial losses, however, you will need to seek the help of an experienced lawyer. If you’re in the Albuquerque area, you may want to talk to Parnall Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys.

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Over the years, the internet has emerged as a huge driving force for customer empowerment. Through online reviews, people can give honest evaluations about a product or service to educate and warn the public. Recent studies show that a large percentage of consumers form strong opinions based on reviews alone, which is a testament to the power of shared feedback.

In this day and age, with so many competing businesses out there, reviews from fellow patrons not only save you time and money but can save you from a horrible encounter. It makes sense then that when choosing the right chiropractor, online reviews play a pivotal role in determining who can be trusted.

Chiropractic care centers are ensuring the body’s nervous system flows the way it’s supposed to. The nervous system consists of the spinal cord, brain and network of nerves which harmoniously work together to control essential bodily functions that can be thrown out of whack by minor as well as severe conditions. Injuries from playing sports, injuries arising out of a car accident, disorders such as scoliosis can all be effectively and holistically treated by a chiropractor. Additionally, treatment options are available to help with pre and post pregnancy ailments. This is especially beneficial for expectant parents who want a remedy that does not involve potentially harmful medication or surgical procedures.

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center has provided health and wellness services, including chiropractic therapy, for over twenty years. We have four locations across the South Florida region and each clinic offers first-rate equipment, comfortable accommodation and knowledgeable staff—features we believe make a significant impact on the client’s overall experience. Happily, we have seen countless positive Google reviews that reflect the outstanding commitment of our Goldson team as we continue to deliver the best possible care to our many treasured customers.

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3 Foods that cause Inflammation

Christmas is coming so two things are probably weighing heavily on everybody’s minds: gifts and food! And although overindulgence is par for the course, there are some things to be mindful of during the holidays, for example, inflammatory foods. Inflammation is not a completely horrible concept as it is the body’s natural response to foreign particles (e.g. pollen), stress and infection. However, when inflammation is persistent it becomes problematic. Chronic inflammation has been connected to conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.
At Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, we believe in a holistic approach to treatment. Our experienced medical practitioners, including licensed physical therapists and chiropractors, work with patients to achieve optimal physical performance, prevent the development of certain ailments and to heal the body without invasive surgical procedures through manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal structure.
At Goldson Spine, we also believe in the power of knowledge, therefore please see the below three foods or ingredients that cause inflammation in order to be more well-informed and to be more prepared for the barrage of drinks and dishes you’ll no doubt be bombarded with this Christmas season.
1. Sugar
I know! This one is a gut punch. Sugar is found in just about everything tasty and desirable in the world. Soda, chocolate, cookies, desserts…you name it. As well as other items that you may not expect like nutrition bars, salad dressing and flavored yogurt. Too much sugar can be a real chore for almost every part of the body to handle. It can have a negative effect on a person’s mood, hormone levels and amplifies the chance of inflammation, which can worsen joint pain. It should be noted that the physical therapy and chiropractic care offered at Goldson Spine help alleviate painful joints, muscle strains, backaches and much more along with the use of Dr. Goldson’s Spine Joint Muscle Pain Cream (which is a naturally formulated product).
2. Processed Meats
You may know processed meats as “mystery meats” due to their mysterious sources. They include bacon, hot dogs, deli meats and sausage. These meats are preserved through certain cooking methods and are infused with chemicals and preservatives that promote inflammatory changes which have been linked to the development of high blood pressure, heart-related diseases, stomach and colon cancer.
3. Alcohol
Enjoying a glass of red wine can actually have heart-healthy benefits. That’s because the antioxidants found in wine can reduce the possibility of heart disease. But drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have quite the opposite and unfavorable result. When alcohol is broken down in our bodies, harmful after-effects are produced which lead to organ damage, particularly damage to the liver.
Of course, moderation is the way to go. Be mindful of the above-mentioned food items and others that may encourage inflammation. Establishing a balanced diet and a steady exercise routine can make a significant difference, especially for those suffering from inflammatory-related illnesses.
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