Auto Accidents Can Wreak Havoc on the Back and Spine
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Auto Accidents Can Wreak Havoc on the Back and Spine

No one plans to have an auto accident, it can happen at any moment to anyone at any time.  Auto accidents are daily occurrences that can cause damage to more than just the vehicle, leaving drivers and passengers in the vehicle with injuries that can have lasting physical and emotional effects.

Back and spine injuries rank among the most common types of injuries sustained in car wrecks.  The back and spine are not designed to absorb the jarring impact of a car accident, and even a seemingly minor, low speed collision, can have serious consequences for this part of the body.

Many people walk away from an auto accident thinking they have sustained little to no injury, as many times discomfort from impact can begin to arise over time.  Our back and spine health is vital to the overall health of the other systems in the body, making it important to understand what possible effects auto accidents can have on them.

There are three distinct areas of the spine, the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (lower back) vertebrae.  The spinal cord and its vertebrae are surrounded by discs, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves, which if injured, can cause pain that can be mild to debilitating, and temporary or permanent.

Injuries to the thoracic spine, or upper back, tend to be more serious in nature as this area connects to the ribs and chest.  High velocity impacts can cause sprains and fractures in this area that can result in permanent nerve damage.

The lumbar spine can sustain painful injuries as it consists of the strongest muscles that provide stability to the back.  A sprain injury to these  ligaments, muscles, and tendons can severely impact the ability to perform daily activities as the pain limits the body’s mobility.

Automobile accident victims can also experience herniated discs that can place pressure on the spinal cord surrounding nerves causing sharp and sudden pain. Often this results in lower back problems and numbness or pain in the legs.

After experiencing any type of auto accident, it is important to seek medical care so that any back injuries can be properly diagnosed.  Doctors at Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center  diagnose and treat back and spine injuries caused by auto accidents, as well as provide care for a myriad of other back related issues.

Living with pain and suffering and mobility problems, as a result of back and spine injuries sustained in an auto accident, is simply not an option.  Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center can facilitate healing of injuries and restore the back and spine to a healthy and pain free state.

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