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We’re happy to report that the Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center’s Chiropractic Care Show and Tell hosted at our North Lauderdale office last week started off with a bang. Or maybe a crack, as Dr. Koi Ibrahim gave a live demonstration of a chiropractic adjustment on an eager participant. Chiropractors diagnose and treat disorders affecting muscles, joints and the nervous system with a hands-on approach to therapy and manipulation of the spine. Therefore, seeing the demonstration in person helped to get a real sense of how beneficial and effortless the procedure is…especially in the caring hands of Dr. Koi.

The Goldson Spine team answered questions and provided additional information, in particular, Dr. Koi explained that the body should be looked at bilaterally as our jobs and daily activities can create imbalances, even something as simple as favoring one hand over the other in completing tasks can cause tension and tightening on one side of the body. Of course, when we think of injuries or ailments we think of doctors and family practitioners but licensed physical therapists and chiropractors should be included in the process as they not only identify the problem but offer treatment options as well. Furthermore, a licensed physical therapist and chiropractor can help you get better in tune with your body and your specific physical needs. That sort of individualized attention is extremely useful for stabilizing injuries, preventing future damage and maintaining proper health.

After the demonstration, there were two giveaways because a Goldson Spine event is always about spreading knowledge AND having fun. One delighted winner received an personal care gift basket and the other winner received an electric temple massager.

Several representatives from the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce and the North Lauderdale City Commission were also in attendance. Both offices have been tremendous forces in the district for businesses and residents alike. Executive Director of the Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce, Peter Mason and Commissioner Lorenzo Wood gave speeches highlighting the contributions of Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center since opening a facility in North Lauderdale in April of 2015 and our very own Crystal Mathis and  Dr. Koi Ibrahim were each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Commissioner Wood. Goldson Spine is beyond grateful for the recognition and commendation because we believe in community outreach and the strength that comes from mutual support.

In light of that, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center’s next upcoming event is the Annual Summer Splash Back to School Celebration on Saturday, August 12, 2017, from 12 noon to 4 PM at the Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium (3700 NW 11th PL., Lauderhill, FL 33311). We hope to see everyone there and meet more of our wonderful Broward community members!

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Benefits of Routine Exercise

Routine! Anyone who’s ever had to adhere to a routine knows it can be quite challenging. Having to do something over and over and in line with a schedule may not seem fun but just as when you were a kid being made to eat vegetables, you realize that some things in life are worth the time and effort.

Exercise and good health go hand in hand as engaging in frequent physical activity is an incredible tool for losing and maintaining weight, for lowering the risk of heart disease and developing type 2 diabetes. Exercise is also a great way to strengthen bones and muscles. An adult human has 206 bones which provide support and help the body to move about. Though, they do not achieve this on their own. Muscles and joints pitch in to ensure that people are finely tuned moving machines but with age, bones become weaker due to the loss of density resulting in the increased likelihood of osteoporosis and fractures. The encouraging news is that research has shown that incorporating at least 2 to 3 hours per week of moderately intense forms of exercise as well as doing other strengthening activities can decrease the risk of breaking a bone, decelerate the loss of bone density and reduce joint pain associated with arthritis.

However, looking after your skeletal and muscular systems is important at any age. Thankfully, getting started on a regular exercise journey is made simple with licensed physical therapists who are qualified to assess and recommend the right amount of repetitions, intensity and impact of your workout, enhance your ability to regulate pain and make it easier to stick to a steady routine. Of course, if your bone and muscle health has been slightly neglected, chiropractors will be available to offer treatment alternatives to healing and aligning the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the back and spine, without something as drastic as surgical intervention.

Our Goldson Spine offices are fully equipped with the experienced Chiropractic and Physical Therapy professionals who have a passionate  for the wellness of our community.

As you can see, physical activity can have tremendous benefits but regular physical activity in consultation with physical therapy or chiropractic therapy is really the key to reaping the rewards of these benefits and tapping into your body’s true potential.

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