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Written by Keel Russell

Working Out Should Be Fun!

WOW!!! What a great year it has been for me so far!!! No I did not win the Lotto even though that would have definitely kicked this year up a notch or two but what I did do is get back into working out. What a great feeling it has been getting back into it. I know everybody gets on the whole get it right get it tight train at the beginning of the year but do you actually stay on it????? Most people do not. Well, I think I found a way to stay on the fit train. Some people just love working out because they are workout junkies but most look at it as a chore, which makes it harder to stick to. So what if you were able to find a different way to look at working out. I did!!! If you have never worked out before it is important that you wear proper shoes, similar to those found at

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