Kadiann R. Clarke

About Kadiann R. Clarke


Administrative Assistant

This island girl hails from the vibrant city of Kingston, Jamaica. Born and bred 100% Jamaican, I was raised primarily by my beautiful, ambitious and loving mother, Jeanie. Because she believed in education and dreams, I attended some the best and highly sought after schools in Jamaica – from preparatory through to university.

To realize my own ambitions, my mother merely required that I ask her, as in “Mom! so they have this program, can I attend?” And that ladies and gentlemen, coupled with my observation of how hard she worked to give me what I asked of her, is what has set up my strong foundation to date. I am a well-rounded professional business woman with an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Marketing. But I do prefer my titles as daughter, sister, friend, and wife!

I have travelled many countries, worked and lived in a few, and interacted with a uniquely diverse cross-section of the global population. It has made me a kind, understanding, humble, life-loving, and constantly-learning person. I love God, myself, family and friends but I am passionate about business ideas and the art and science of how we humans interact with the world we live in. I strongly believe in creating a legacy for your loved ones, after all, we are not going to be on this earth forever. As such, I am always seeking to leave an impressionable ‘handprint’ on whoever I meet.