Written by Keel Russell

Can A Chiropractor Help My Migraine?

Headaches are one of the most common forms of pain and discomfort that people deal with on a daily basis.  They affect more than 11 million adults in the United States every year. They also cost employers money due to lost productivity because of absenteeism.  Reports show that 156 million full-time workdays are lost each year due to headaches. As a result they account for a large part of the economic cost for Americans.   These headaches generate over 18 million office visits annually which leads to pricey health care costs. They are also the number one reason for the use of over-the counter analgesic medications.  But these drugs only reduce the intensity of headaches. Most peoples are currently looking for a natural method that would both reduce and eliminate the cause of this pain.

There are many different types of headaches people suffer from. The most common type of headaches that many suffer from are referred to as migraines. This form of headache can range from mild to severe. Migraine headaches may be vascular headaches, which can arise from vascular dilations.  Several factors can trigger this form of headache including hormonal changes, foods, smells, weather changes, stress, and many other triggers. Latest chiropractic techniques are helping people to get rid of headaches and also providing ways to prevent future problems.

So how are chiropractors helping people get rid of their headache? The aim is to try to deal with the source and not the symptoms. Research has revealed that a major cause of headaches is because the body is not properly aligned. By improving joint motions that can be restricted, loosening tight muscles and correcting for postural strain headache elimination is possible. What to expect on your visit to the chiropractor? For this patient the first thing I would do is to take x-rays of the patient’s neck (cervical spine). After this an analysis of the neck (cervical region) would occur. Then the patient would be given a series of high-velocity, low-force cervical technique adjustments. In addition to this the patient could expect stretching, muscle stimulation, and on occasion heat or ice. With all these treatments the patient should expect to feel some alleviation from the headache.

If it is possible for chiropractors to cure even 10% of their headache patients they can prevent 16 million workdays from being missed and improve business productivity by over 10 billion dollars every year in the United States.  Furthermore, this will result in reduced consumption of over-the-counter drug use by a large number.  These are just a few of the benefits that can be reached through spinal adjustments. If you would like more information on headaches or other musculoskeletal disorders please visit us at Goldson Spine and Rehabilitation in Aventura/North Lauderdale /Pembroke Pines /Plantation, Fl.


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