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Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Jr. is the chiropractor Pembroke Pines and Plantation community members call when they need relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sprains, strains, headaches and more. But our chiropractor offers so much more than just pain relief—Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Jr. and our experienced, compassionate team work energetically with each patient to help them reach their overall wellness potential! You deserve to be as healthy as you possibly can be and to have the energy to live the life you want to live. Whether you need physical therapy to overcome an injury, or just want more energy than you have now, call Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center!

Goodbye Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain; Hello Wellness!

massage therapy The first thing new patients notice when they come in is how our entire team makes them feel like family. We care about you! But that is not the only reason Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Jr. is the chiropractor Pembroke Pines and Plantation neighbors trust. It is also because he tirelessly stays on top of the latest chiropractic developments, always stays informed of the latest in wellness techniques and genuinely cares for and strives to improve the life of each patient who walks into our center. He uses very precise spinal adjustments to improve posture and relieve neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and many other problems. Our team also adds physical therapy to ensure the most thorough recovery, helping you become stronger than you were before your injury.

Physical Therapy With Our Digital Motion X-ray Machine (DMX)

massage therapy One of the reasons Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Jr. can offer such precise and advanced adjustments and physical therapy is because of our digital motion x-ray machine (dmx). The digital motion x-ray machine (dmx) in our office helps us pinpoint problems with musculoskeletal alignment while the body is actually in motion for a more exact diagnosis. This leads to a far more exact and comprehensive chiropractic care, physical therapy and wellness plans.

The ultimate goal of our chiropractic care and physical therapy team is to get to the bottom of whatever is causing your pain and fix it; whether it is back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, headaches, etc. We use the digital motion x-ray machine (dmx) and a host of other diagnostic techniques to find out the underlying cause of your pain so that we can remove it. This will alleviate the pain for good, not just cover it up temporarily. This ability to get to the bottom of the pain and remove the root cause is what makes Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Jr. the chiropractor Pembroke Pines and Plantation patients trust to help them move beyond pain and into a world of greater health, wellness and opportunity.

Learn more about our Pembroke Pines and Plantation chiropractic care today! Please browse our website to find out about our techniques, the digital motion x-ray machine (dmx), or any other aspect of chiropractic care! Contact us via email, or call us at 866-465-3766 to schedule an appointment or ask questions! We look forward to meeting you!

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